March: The Month of Balance

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Greetings from Justicea!

March has arrived, and for Justiceans, as with other inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere, the anticipation of spring whisks through our land on each successively warmer wind. Hope, itself, is rendered sensible as we watch the days stretch themselves out before us like pampered felines. We see the sun shine brighter on the face of the sea and feel its rays grow stronger upon our own faces. We hear the morning birds singing as we rise from our beds to meet an already blue sky, and soon we shall see, smell, and touch the native flowers of our island as they bud and bloom upon our hills and in our valleys.

March: The Magician & Shape-Shifter

Yes, spring is no longer a winsome memory or a distant hope. March is the Magician that renders the coming spring tangible to our senses.—Yet it is also the Sorcerer who can conjure up late season snowstorms, extending winter beyond its calendar end date!

Wielding the powers of two seasons, magical March is a consummate Shape-shifter. Morning may find itself transformed into the Spring Lamb, whose mild manner lulls us with its warmth and sends us searching through our closets for our lightweight jackets. Yet, by early afternoon, it may have reverted back into the Winter Lion, whose chilling roar sends us scrambling again for our heavy coats. No month reminds us of Nature’s volatility more than does March. Nature is not always friendly; sometimes, it is quite hostile.—and it can oscillate between these two extremes with a frightening rapidity.  We humins romanticize Nature’s kindness at our peril!

March: The Balancer of Day & Night

Yet, for all its volatility, March is ultimately the Month of Balance.  The Vernal Equinox, which occurs annually between the 19th and 21st,  marks March as one of only two months of the year that strikes a perfect balance between length of day and length of night, achieving equity between the hours of dark and hours of light.

Justiceans: The Life Stance Balance of “Exam & Exalt”

We Justiceans tend to be Earth-honoring Naturalists. (Some have called us “Sagan Pagans”!) In our life stance, we have found a way to balance the rigors of scientific inquiry and explanation with the revels of artistic inspiration and expression. Our schoolchildren can methodically identify the genus, species, and variety of any tree in our forests, but they’ll also give that tree a great big hug before walking away from it afterwards!

We have been able to realize this balance of “Exam and Exalt” by accepting that humin beings are a part of the Natural World. In humility and with wonder, we honor the land, sea, and sky; the months and the seasons; and all the species of animals and plants with whom we reside on this marvelous planet.—And we endeavor to learn the lesson that each one has to share!

The Take Away: Balance, a Justicean Value

It is not only when considering major philosophical matters that we seek equilibrium. Our everyday lives are filled with more mundane competing incongruities that we, nonetheless, strive to balance for our own peace of mind. March is the month that instructs us about Balance. 

Like Honor and Action, Balance, too, is a Justicean Value. Throughout these thirty-one days, we will pay special attention to monitoring our ability to strike an equilibrium between the roaring Lion and the mild Lamb that reside within our own nature; between the winter snowstorm and the warm spring breeze that blow within our own temperament. To stand up for our principles without becoming threatening; to remain calm when met with disagreement without becoming passive. And if we can manage to find that Balance, then our task shifts to finding if we can manage to maintain it, not only through the month of March, but throughout the year—throughout our lives!

Justicean Special Days in March

Below is a list of Special Days that Justiceans will be celebrating this March:

  • Monday, March 8:  International Wen’s Day 20211
  • Saturday, March 20: Vernal Equinox / Old Justicean New Year’s Day

Peace & Siblinghood,

Justion Fairfield,
Minister of Cultural Affairs, FEH Justicea


  1. More on International [Wenn’s] Day 2021 at

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