Voices from Troy Monologue 3: Scamander (Chorus of Trojan Wennen)

Monologue Title: “Scamander”
From the Play: No More Trojan Wennen, Act I, Scene 1
Author:  Justy DeForest
Characters: Three Trojan Wennen (including a Maid, a Mother, and a Crone)

Setting: On the banks of the River Scamander, just outside the Gates of Troy

Background: After the destruction of their city by the Acadian Army, the Trojan Wennen remember a time of peace before the war and lament their impending fate at the hands of the Greeks.


Scamander, Great River,
Who offers freely life-sustaining water,
Long have I heard your rush beyond the walls.
On summer nights, it put my mind to rest!

In a time of safety, we’d gather on your banks!—
To wash our clothes in your clear flow—
There to teach our young to dance and sing—
As once our mothers had taught us!

Simple joys that make life pleasant—
Stolen away by war!

I remember the rampage of Achilles!—
A merciless onslaught upon your banks, Scamander!
Until your once lovely waters ran of blood!—
Your channels clogged with Trojan dead!

The very elements of fire and water
braced in primal combat—
The day that Hector faced Achilles!—
That day of Hector’s fate!

Now each step ahead is danger! —
And behind! — Behind! — The echo of steps!
Armed with weapons we approach you now, Scamander!—
Your water rationed for the danger of the trip.

Oh Hateful Greeks!  You brought a decade of decadence
and Troy’s destruction!
I cry for the Children of War! —
For them ‘Peace’ is a foreign term! —
A word without meaning!

The Greeks have destroyed our fathers, brothers, spouses!
Our sons they have laid low! —
Yet all who live must die! —
Except the godden!

For us remains the worst of fates! —
Slavery! —
Slavery! —
Slavery! —

We turn to Hecuba, our Queen!
See how her face shows the care of these calamities!
Who has lost more through this Chaos than she?        
It is sheer strength that drives her on!

© Justy DeForest 1987, 2009, 2021

Click on the link below to hear an mp3 voice recording of this monologue.


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