Voices from Troy Monologue 5: Such Dreams Would Fill My Mind! (Hecuba)

Monologue Title:  “Such Dreams Would Fill My Mind!”
From the Play:  No More Trojan Wennen
Genre:  Drama
Author:  Justy DeForest
Character:  Hecuba, Queen of Troy

Setting:  Before the ruined Palace of Ancient Troy

Background:  During her first face-to-face confrontation with Agamemnon, Commander of Acadian Forces, Hecuba remembers the high cost of the war to her children and calls into question the Greeks’ view of themselves as a civilized people.


I am seventy years old, and I am tired. Of what
this world has shown me, I have had my fill. 
Nineteen children I have borne, and most now rest
in tiny urns.  By day, I’d see another slaughtered;
by night, such dreams would fill my mind!  I dreamt
if only I could tear myself open and put their ashes back
within my womb, there I might rekindle their life. Yet if
such things could be, I would not allow it. For my children
have shed enough tears and blood for three lifetimes;
I would not condemn them to live in this world more!


You think my sentiments uncivilized, Agamemnon?
What is civilized!  Are your Greeks? — Are you

Is there one here who cannot remember my son Hector?
On the day he faced Achilles, I stood upon the parapet. 
I bore my breast before him. — Before the world, it made
no difference!  And I said, “As I nurtured you, do not
fight Achilles!”  But the war frenzy was upon him.

I watched as the spear pierced his flesh.  And when
they were sure he was dead, I watched as his enemies
stood over him and thrust their brave swords into his
lifeless body.  His ankles were punctured; a rope tied
through them.  And my child was then dragged like a
boar’s carcass behind the chariot of a civilized Greek!

This I saw.  And will you tell me that I have no respect for life?

© Justy DeForest 1983, 2009, 2021

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