Voices from Troy Monologue 8: No More Trojan Wennen (Hecuba)

(NOTE: Trailblazer English is used in this post.)

Monologue Title:  “No More Trojan Wennen”
From the Play:  No More Trojan Wennen
Genre:  Drama
Author:  Justin “Justy” DeForest
Character:   Hecuba, Queen of Troy

Setting:  On the Steps of the Palace Among the Ruins of Ancient Troy

Background: After Troy is defeated and its men killed by the Greeks during the Trojan War, the Trojan Wennen suffer greatly at the hands of their conquerors. Hecuba, Queen of Troy, has witnessed her daughter, Cassandra, taken as a concubine by the Greek Commander; her best friend, Danisma, commit suicide after being violated; and her young grandson, Astyanax, Heir to Troy, thrown over the battlements to his death. She now addresses the remaining Trojan wennen, rallying them to fight to the death rather than to resign themselves to being dragged off to Greece in bondage. 


We had a language; we had a nation.
Our laws were not as theirs, yet they governed
us well. Our customs were not their customs,
but to sing our songs and dance our dances
made us feel at home. Now what is left?
Our sons and spouses they have slaughtered…
our brothers. Our sisters, our daughters
they have dragged away. Mothers weep,
and old men, with their frail hearts or minds
or bodies, cry out from their beds at night,
‘Oh, if only I had been young!’ Old men love to
believe they could have made a difference.
And what is left?

Today I bade ‘good-bye’ to my great friend.
Beside her, on the pyre, I placed my grandson.
And as I touched my torch to the kindling,
I thought I heard some sigh, ‘Here is the flame
that consumes Troy’s future.’ Well, to them,
I answer, (Indicating herself) ‘Here is the flame
that sustains Troy’s present!’

Oh, let them not say Troy stands no more,
for I am Troy! And you, my people, you are Troy!
No more, Trojan Wennen, shall we think of crumbling
walls; no more on lifeless buildings set to flame.
No more on robes of silk or tiled halls; No more on
gold or pearl, porcelain or ivory, on bowl, or vase, or scroll. 
Think no more on any thing, for it is no more than thing.
Forget each sentimental gift you gave, or that there was
once a time that had leisure for sentiment. And think no more
on the cries of the deceased, for their cries have ceased
everywhere except in our memory. No more, Trojan wennen,
shall we mourn. No more, valiant wennen, shall we beat our
breasts in sad lament, and yet we shall be heard!

Oh, let them not say there is no Troy, for we shall shout
until it resounds upon the very shores of Greece itself:
Troy stands until there be No More Trojan Wennen!

© Justy DeForest 1987, 2008, 2021

Click on the link below to hear an mp3 voice recording of this monologue.


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