Voices from Troy Monologue 12: The Eyes of Godde (Apollo)

The Eyes of Godde (Apollo)

(Note: Trailblazer English is used in this post.)

Monologue Title:  “The Eyes of Godde1
From the Play:  No More Trojan Wennen
Genre:  Drama
Author:  Justy DeForest
Character:  Apollo, Godde of Reason, Patron of Troy

Setting:  Above the Palace of Ancient Troy

Background:  After the defeat of the Trojan Army, the Greek Commander, Agamemnon, decides to slaughter the Trojan Wennen if they try to resist being carried off to Greece in bondage.  In this monologue, Apollo, Godde of Reason and Patron of Troy, looks down upon the ruined city, lamenting the futility of humin battles, and wondering if he should take the ultimate step to end all humin suffering forever.


If only you could see with the eyes of Godde,
all things would be so simple. Then the variety
that so pleases Heaven would please you, too.
If only you could see yourselves as siblings
sharing the world in blessed siblinghood!

Can the humin mind ascend to such simplicity?
Instead you think that if two things be different,
one must needs be better. — And those with the
largest voices or armies, mistaking this Chaos for Order,
inflict their views upon the rest with no regard for
dignity or will, intelligence nor talent, but seek to assign
each place and role, and turn all rank with ranking!

What care have you for Godde when you abuse each other so? —
When I must feel the pain of every slight or slash?
A daughter sobs into her pillow. — I know her anguish!
A son is stricken on the battlefield. — His agony is mine!
How long must I carry your grief and pain?
How long must I watch those whom I love suffer?
You have cried rivers; you have bled rivers; and has your long
history of suffering not yet taught you the futility of humin battles!  

And how can I call myself a loving god when,
with a thought, I could remove all your suffering,
yet such a thought that I refuse to think!  For you
know joy as well as sorrow, and that joy, too, is mine.
And of such great quality is contentment that for its
each brief moment, we’d endure a thousand sorrows!
I am like a laboring mother who suffers much for her
child’s sake, yet forgets it all to see the child smile.
Godden and mothers have much in common. 
And, oh yes, you can learn! — The mind is your great gift! 

Then, with a mother’s love and a godde’s patience,
I hold back my hand.

© Justy DeForest 1987, 2008, 2021

1. Godde: (Pronounced God, plural Goddes or Godden) Gender neuter term for a deity or deities of any gender or none.)

Click on the link below to hear an mp3 voice recording of this monologue.


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