Happy Blue Dot Wednesday!

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Happy Blue Dot Wednesday!

You’ve never heard of Blue Dot Wednesday?  Well, here’s the scoop.

Blue Dot Wednesday is an Evolution Affirmation Day that falls on the same day – and counters — Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday, which takes place forty days before Easter and kicks off the atonement season of Lent, is steeped in Creationist mythology and the idea of “Original Sin” committed by two fictional characters who never existed, but because of whom, supposedly, all problems in the world exist.

Ash Wednesday, therefore, is a quintessential Christian “sackcloth and ashes” day minus the sackcloth, in which Christians get to revel in their proclivity for feeling unnecessary guilt. 

Many adult Roman Catholics will choose to go to church today and have ashes smudged on their foreheads while the priest mutters the following words:

“Remember, Man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.”

Many children who attend Roman Catholic school will be herded by their teachers into church to be smudged whether they want to be or not!

As a Freestanding Evolutionist and an innovator, I couldn’t sit by quietly and not come up with a custom to counter this humiliating custom based on the Creationist farce!

Hence, Blue Dot Wednesday!

Blue Dot Wednesday is a day in which Evolutionists who are so included to boldly counter the Ash Wednesday smudge affix a blue dot to their forehead. This blue dot could be as elegant as a round blue face gem or as comical as a paper sticker. The blue dot is a reference to Carl Sagan’s 1994 book, Pale Blue Dot. As such, it represents the Old Earth, the acknowledgement of our real origin in Evolution, and our continued commitment to finding truth through empirical science.

Evolutionists may affix the dot to their foreheads themselves or have a family member or friend to it.  While affixing the dot, the affixer jubilantly proclaims:

“Rejoice, oh Humin, you have evolved, and to the Siblinghood of Species, you do belong!”

Those who may feel embarrassed to affix a blue dot to their forehead, may choose to make the jubilant Evolutionist proclamation before their mirror as they get ready to start their day, and then don something blue, such as a sweater, jacket, scarf, or tie, as a subtle show of their acknowledgment of Evolution to others” in the know” about Blue Dot Wednesday.

And, as Blue Dot Wednesday falls in March this year, there is an added benefit to showing that you are a “True Blue” Evolutionist today.  March is Wennen’s History Month. The false “history” of the Creationist myths has caused undue harm to wennen for thousands of years, being used as an excuse for everything from the exclusion of wennen from sectarian and secular spaces and offices to the disproportionate inclusion of wennen among the victims in witch hunts and trials.

Wearing blue on Blue Dot Wednesday also shows that you are not only a “True Blue” supporter of Evolution but also of the dignity of the Evolved Being Wenn and all evolved beings who have been harmed by the false Creationist myths throughout time.

Happy Blue Dot Wednesday!

Justin DeForest


Exciting news for my Secular Huminist readers! This month, I will be
launching a new blog site, Shapean Sapiens, dedicated to cultivating new Secular Huminist customs in real word secular spaces. It will also include commentary on world events from my personal perspective as a Secular Huminist. More to come on this new venture a little later!

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