Voices from Troy Monologue 4B: The Victory Shall Be Justice! (Athena)

(NOTE: Refreshed English is used in this post.)

Monologue Title: “The Victory Shall Be Justice!”
From the Play: No More Trojan Wennen, Act I, Scene 1
Genre: Drama
Author: Justy DeForest
Character:  Athena, Olympian Godde1 of Wisdom

Setting:  Above the ramparts of the ruined palace of Ancient Troy

Background:  After the defeat of the Trojan Army, the Commander of Greek Forces, Agamemnon, decides to slaughter the remaining Trojan Wennen if they resist being carried off to Greece as slaves. In this Goddes monologue, which follows immediately after Apollo’s Monologue 3B and is the last in their Act 1, Scene 1 parley, Athena assures Apollo that the Greeks shall pay for their war crimes against the Trojan Wennen.

NOTE:  In presenting this monologue, no actor other than the one playing ATHENA need be present on stage.


Father Zeus agrees with you, Phoebus.2 The Greeks will pay for

their war crimes against the . But…He has left their punishment to

me. — Because I love them!

You would strike with the swiftness of Hermes

and smite every Greek with the light bolt of Zeus.

Of course, you believe that is what they deserve!

Oh, Apollo, one who cannot think reasonably cannot act wisely! — You are too close to those who have been wronged.

I, too, heard Agamemnon’s ultimatum yesterday.

What did you expect him to say? —

The Greeks sail for home tomorrow.

Did you really think that he would willing leave

the rest of the Trojan Wennen behind because a

seventy-year old widowed queen refuses to surrender them?

The Greeks have many admirable qualities,

but their treatment of wennen is not among them.

Honestly, Apollo, there have been times when

I have felt like smiting these men, myself!

Someday, Little Brother, if your reason elevates

to the level of wisdom, you will understand why I do not.

Oh Agamemnon! Agamemnon!

Your scorpion venom is deadly, indeed. —

But do not conclude that there is but one scorpion in the sands!

Trust me, Apollo. Before the sun sets on this day,

it will be the Trojans who pronounce ultimatums. 

The Victory Shall Be Justice!

© Justy DeForest 1987, 2008, 2022

  1. Godde: (Pronounced God, plural Goddes, pronounced Gods, or Godden) Gender neuter term for a deity or deities of any sex or gender, or none.)

2. Phoebus: Another name for Apollo.

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