“The Body Eclectic”: A Pride Month Poem

Greetings from Justicea! 

Today’s poem shifts the focus from Transgender Identity to Gender-gifted Identity.

About Today’s Poem

“The Body Eclectic” was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem “I Sing the Body Electric.” I wrote it to acknowledge and honor all those who, like myself, experience the plurality of gender, and to celebrate the sometimes joyous experience of experiencing multiple genders.

First, the poem. Commentary follows.

Poem: “The Body Eclectic”

I sing the Body Eclectic!—
A Song of the Multigender,
the Gender-Gifted.
Of Gender Blenders
melding disparate modalities
into sonorous symphonies!
Of Gender Renders,
untangling cords of conflated genders,
revealing unique pedigrees!

I sing the Body Eclectic!—
A Song of Genders Lived and Felt,
known and unknown to the masses:
feminine and masculine, neutrois and synthois!

I sing The Song of the Bigen!—
Some living, breathing Yin-Yangs who
counter the standard Unigen Quip,
“But we all have both genders within ourselves!”
by dismissing their dismissers thus:
“Yet you haven’t considered transitioning?
Well, maybe then it’s not the same.—
At least, not quite to the same degree!”

I sing The Song of the Trigen!–
Of those who hold within one self
the mystical power of genders three!
A blessing you are to us all
in your Gender Trinity!

I sing The Song of the Quadgen!–
Of Gender Diamonds of such clarity
as to reflect four genders with acuity!

I sing The Song of the Genderfluid!
whose undulating genders roll
like determined waves in a mighty sea,
Separate yet inseparable from the whole!

Yes, I sing the Body Eclectic!—
Of bulk and brain that as allies meet,
and yet as adversaries compete!
Due deference to the brain I render
and acknowledge it the Seat of Gender,
A fact of sheer Biology
beyond speculative Ideology!

I sing the Body Eclectic!—
and the Body Entire is my voice!
My brain and bulk join and rejoice
in notes of most harmonious elation,
in a song of absolute and utter exultation,
in a wondrous, united, and sacred Gloria
that is my Gender Identity Euphoria!

Yes, I sing the Body Eclectic!—
and the Body Entire is my song!
Unpleasant, at times, but never wrong!
When my brain and bulk disengage,
setting out on their separate ways,
no hymn of dissonant banality,
but an atonal fugue becomes my reality!

So, Yes, I sing the Body Eclectic!—
Bestowed by Nature and not elected!
Over voices shrill that brand me ill
among the Gender Orthodox
who condemn my Gender Paradox,
I sing, I chant, I hum, I shout
a reality within, needing space without!
Good riddance to closets and self-imposed stealth;
I sing the PRIVILEGE of being a Gender-Gifted Self!

© Justy DeForest 2021
(Nickname of my Four Gender Identities:
Nx. Just, Ms. Justa, Mr. Justin, and Mx. Justice)

My Gender-Gifted Identity

I am a quadgen — a gender-gifted person with four genders. I have three individual genders: neutrois, feminine, and masculine, which often combine into a synthois (synthesized) over-gender. When my brain is experiencing a gender identity that does not align with my bulk, I can experience gender identity dysphoria (i.e., the discomfort felt by those who experience this mismatch.) But when I get passed that and reach my synthois over-gender, I can experience gender identity euphoria. (i.e., the exhilaration that comes when the brain and bulk are in unison.)

Two Camps on Gender: The Rock and the Hard Place

Identities on the transgender spectrum have become hotbed issues of late, their very existence contentiously debated by opposing camps. In the first camp, we find those who hold the traditional Western European view of gender (i.e., there are only two — feminine and masculine — and they are eminently and irrefutably tied to our biological sex). In the other camp, we have those gender theorists who claim gender, itself, is no more than a social construct.

Between these two camps, which can easily be interpreted as the proverbial rock and a hard place, we on the transgender spectrum — which includes those of us who are gender-gifted — try to live our lives. And folks, sometimes, it ain’t easy!

Personally, I find something to agree with and disagree with in both camps’ postions. However, the purpose of this post is not to delineate the “Whys” and “Wherefores” of my assents and objections to their arguments, nor is it to put forth arguments for my own position.

My Position on Gender

All I will do here is state my position on the subject succinctly: Although some aspects of gender are socially constructed (such as who wears pink and who wears blue, for example), I believe there are elements of gender that are real beyond social construct. These real elements of gender are tied to the structure of our brain, and not to that of our genitals or gonads, nor to our reproductive chromosome set (i.e., XX, XY, etc.).1

Next Wednesday’s Poem Share 5

Worldwide Pride

I will have another original Rainbow Communities poem to share with you next Wednesday. Until next time, I hope you are in a place where you feel able to show your true colors in safety during Pride Month.

Until next time…

Peace & Siblinghood,

Justy DeForest,
GFJ Blogger


  1. Cleveland Clinic. “Research on the Transgender Brain: What You Should Know (Expanding knowledge of the brain and gender identity).” health essentials, March 27, 2019. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/research-on-the-transgender-brain-what-you-should-know/

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