A Snippet Story for International Wennen’s Day

Greetings from Justicea!

As regular readers of this blog know, Justicea — or more precisely, the Freestanding Evolutionist Haven of Justicea — is my imaginary independent island nation where my personal beliefs on how an enlightened Secular Huminist society should operate and how people should treat one another are actually realized. How I love the time I spend in Justicea!

Misogyny, of course, has no place in Justicean Society, and when a misogynist is encountered — always off-island — that misogynist is quickly ridiculed and put in his proper place — which is certainly not where he imagined it to be!

Here, then, in honor of all the strong wenns throughout the world and all the decent men strong enough to acknowledge that all humins are EVOLVED equal, I reblog the following story that I first published on this site in March 2021. Enjoy!

Poise & Prejudice: A Snippet Story

A sophisticated Justicean wenn and a stuffy off-island man found themselves standing next to each other one day in the Louvre Museum before the Mona Lisa.

The man smiled smugly and said to our wenn, “Da Vinci gave the world the Mona Lisa; Shakespeare gave the world Hamlet; and Mozart gave the world the Jupiter Symphony.  What great masterpieces have you wenns ever given the world?”

To which, our self-possessed wenn smiled back and simply replied, “Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Mozart.”

“Whoa-ho!” the man objected, “Wenns could not have produced those great artists alone!  Men were needed to…I mean…Men were needed for…”

“Biological considerations?” our wenn suggested unabashedly.

“As you say,” the man acknowledged red-faced, clearing his throat.

“Yet neither could those great artists have produced their works without inspiration,” our confident wenn remarked, “and muses are often wenns!”

Then she glanced at her watch.

“Well, I must be off now,” she said, stepping away. “I’m going to a piano retrospective of the work of Clara Schumann.  You know of her?—the brilliant nineteenth century concert pianist and composer?”1

“I’ve heard of Robert Schumann,” the man replied.

“Ah, yes!—Clara’s spouse, muse, and father of her eight children.  Isn’t it splendid how great artists, muses, and parents come in a variety of gexes!”

At this point, one who looked closely might have sworn seeing steam pouring out from both the man’s ears.

“Oh, by the way,” our Justicean wenn added, “What do you think of my new suit?”

“Very stylish,” the man replied curtly.

“Coco Chanel,” she winked. “Another great femele artist!”

And with that, she went on her way.

On this International Wennen’s Day, let all people of good will dedicate themselves to teaching our daughters the value of self-confidence in the face of sexual bigotry; teaching our sons the foolishness of misogyny; and teaching all our children regardless of their gex (i.e., gender-sex combination) their inherent worth and potential for greatness.

My Justicea might be a fictional island nation, but its values can be realized wherever we find ourselves in this world if only we have the self-respect necessary to respect others; the wisdom to acknowledge the Nature-given Equality of all; and the diligence to work for society-regulated Equity.

If you are interested in learning more about why I use the Trailblazer English words wenn, wenns, and wennen to show respect for the femele sex, see the Trailblazer English Glossary: Feminal Lexicon link on this Greetings from Justicea website. Just click on the link below!

And Happy International Wennen’s Day to all the Wonderous Wennen of the World!

Peace & Siblinghood,


Justin “Justy” DeForest,
GFJ Blogger

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